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Our Presentations are designed and delivered in a manner that aims to help you manage and reduce your risk of an impact with the underground services.


The presentations are designed to be straight to the point and easy to understand with the help of visual aids using 3D modelling.


You have the flexibility of choosing a presentation that suits your needs. There are a number of presentations on offer that cover various damage avoidance scenarios.


All presentations are delivered (online or face to face) by professionals in the field of damage minimisation. All sessions have the latest damage prevention techniques.

Various presentations

You can tailor the presentation agenda to suit the need of yourself and your staff. Alternatively, you can attend a set agenda presentation (from the below menu)



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2. Presentations that are face to face outside Sydney metro, have an additional cost of travel and accommodation (if required). 


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Presentations explained

Networks awareness

It is a combination of the one call service and expert field experience in damages and damage minimisation. 

Topics of discussion in general: 

.  Avoiding damage to underground and above-ground assets
∙  Asset owners plan response
  Onsite paper work requirements 
∙  The Duty of care for planning 
∙  Your obligations when working near vital assets
∙  The make and type of the network voids.
∙  Assets plan awareness.

Recommended audience up to 50 people.


Plan Awareness

The Plan Awareness presentation is an interactive session, designed in understanding:

• Various categories of assets & their owners in Australia
• The types of plans sent to the industry
• Supporting material that comes with the plans
• The importance of engagement
• Limitation of asset plans
• Requirements of the duty of care

damage investigation

Underground assets strikes occur on a daily basis across Australia. The need to properly investigate the incident in a timely manner is critical for future damage prevention, safety purposes and cost recovery

This 1.5 hours seminar covers the basics requirements on a damaged site, which include:

  1. Focus on the breach of the duty of care that resulted in the underground strike

  2. The processes and procedures involved in locating and protecting the underground assets before a damage

  3. The breaches of the duty of Care

  4. Working Safely once an underground strike occurs

  5. Involvement of the staff onsite during a damage investigation

  6. Three main pillars of underground damage investigation that is common to all damage locations

duty of care

The Duty of Care is a 2 hours presentation solely focusing on the 6Ps and how they should be implemented. 

· 6Ps (Plan, Prepare, Pothole, Protect, Proceed and Plot)


Link to Design awareness and utility strike avoidance2


Frequently asked questions

The duty of care is what the entire industry must do to protect the underground services. This is discussed in details in the Duty of Care presentation.

In our presentations we talk about why services end up with various depth of cover.

Your liability will be weighed against what duty of care was taken. This is discussed in the Networking Working Awareness presentation. 

The biggest mistake made by the industry, that major networks can not run across their property. In the telecommunication presentation this is discussed in detail.

The asset plans should be in the hands of the planner, project manager and the machine operator. This is discussed in details in the Plan Awareness Presentation.

Any plan can be drawn incorrectly, or missing assets. This is highlighted in the Plan Awareness Presentation.

On an confirmation sheet provided by One Call, or going to the asset owner’s offices. This is discussed in the Plan Awareness presentation.

All the current asset plans provided by the asset owners. The paper work requirements, are discussed in the Network Awareness Presentation.  

All presentation course material are subjected to copyright. If you would like more information or would like to purchase any course material – Contact Us


Excellent webinar as always! Otre is a legend in the service protection industry and we are all the much wiser following his presentation!
Fantastic as always
Jean Paul
Great session Otre knows how to get everyone's attention And makes it real Very useful for us and helps to get the team on the same level of understanding
Very interesting, stimulating, and helpful presentation with a wealth of information provided by an interesting presenter. Very worthwhile for anyone involved with the need to locate assets.
Great presentation and the ongoing interaction allows for individualised questions and answers Would love for more sessions like this.
Great course
Great presentation from Otre once again, good detail and examples provided.
Well worth doing. Very insightful. The knowledge and information received was extremely helpful
Great course, very useful information. Presenter, Otre Moussa, was very inclusive, making us all participate and being involved in the course.

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