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the available training sessions are explained below.

Over the years Otrem Engineering have developed a number of  training (general and advanced)  proactive modules on safe digging. 


These sessions are put together incorporating 23+ years’ experience in the industry. Some of the sessions are directly out of the general learning of closed off legal cases, that Otrem Engineering had involvement in.


All case studies are general in nature and no specific details are ever revealed.


Each module has a learning quiz attached to it and the attendees get a certificate upon completion of their module.

The learning in all the training are extracted from incidents and damages spanning back to 1999, this experience is from:

  • Onsite investigation of damages
  • International engagements
  • Expert witness reports
  • Court cases involvement & attendance
  • Previous employment at the One Call service
  • Delivery of thousands of presentations (face to face and online)
  • Attendance to hundreds of forums, conferences and field shows
  • Previous employment at Telstra
  • Ongoing engagement with asset owners and industry

If you would like to arrange a specific session just for your staff please contact us via email at and we will call you to discuss:

  • customise modules for best outcome
  • budgets for training
  • location (online or face to face) and
  • time availability.

There are a number of set time training modules of awareness sessions that are available, please scroll below.

 Registration to all set date delivery sessions (online only), please click on this link.

General Presentations

Networks Awareness

The Networks Awareness session covers the general architecture of the assets that provide services to our modern day society. 

Topics of discussion: 

  • Avoiding damage to underground and above-ground assets
  • Asset owners information response
  • Onsite paper work requirements
  • The Duty of care for planning
  • Your obligations when working near vital assets
  • The make and type of the network voids.

plan Awareness

The Plan Awareness presentation is an interactive session, designed in understanding:

  • Various categories of assets & their owners in Australia
  • The types of plans sent to the industry
  • Information on plans
  • Format of plans (pdf or dwg)
  • Supporting material that comes with the plans
  • The importance of engagement
  • Limitation of asset plans
  • Requirements of the duty of care with reference to planning

DUty of care (6Ps)

The Duty of Care is one of the critical pillars in the damage (avoidance and prevention) of assets. It is the basic building block of an expert reports on incidents.

This 2 hour presentation solely focusing on the 6Ps and how they should be implemented in the scope of planning, designing and actual physical work onsite.  

  1. Plan
  2. Prepare
  3. Pothole
  4. Protect
  5. Proceed
  6. Plot

Advanced Presentations

Damage investigation

The damage investigation session covers when you are investigated for a strike on an asset and how to investigate  a damaged asset.


Underground assets strikes occur on a daily basis across Australia. The need to properly investigate the incident in a timely manner is critical for future damage prevention, safety purposes and cost recovery

This 2 hours seminar covers the basics requirements on a damaged site, which include:

  • Focus on the breach of the duty of care that resulted in the underground strike

  • The processes and procedures involved in locating and protecting the underground assets before a damage

  • The breaches of the duty of Care

  • Working Safely once an underground strike occurs

  • Involvement of the staff onsite during a damage investigation

  • Three main pillars of underground damage investigation that is common to all damage locations.

Directors of Impact

This awareness session is about the role professionals play (knowingly or unknowingly) in directing a change on or near existing assets, without approval or knowledge by the asset owners, that eventually causes an impact on these services.


 The session goes through a number of current legal cases in explaining the impacts we all have on services. There have been a number of asset damages in the media recently, those will be discussed with reference to the consequences and reputational damage.


There will be multiple visual actual impacts shown and discussed at this session. This session is designed for online and face to face training. The main topics to be covered in this session are:

  • Who are the Directors of Impact
  • Triggers of Impact that causes change
  • What assets are impacted /modified
  • Discovery of unauthorised impact
  • Rectification Costs
  • Consequences / Liability
  • Reputational Damage

notifications on plans

Notifications on Plans (with reference to the maze of critical services) focusing on the designing profession.

This presentation extracts the learning from the recent engagements with various legal claims on damaged critical services.

There have been some serious errors written or referenced on plans (with reference to services) that have led to these damages.

These plans referred to are produced by the following professions: Architects / Surveyors / Draftsmen / Engineers Town Planners / Building Designers / Trades / Contractors and Locators.

Presentation will concentrate on:

  • The types of notifications that are put on plans
  • The positives and negatives
  • Recommendations
  • Notification Groups that contribute to services strike (DASH)
  • Chain of command with reference to due diligence
  • Inclusions References
  • Examples of wrong notifications
  • Case studies – damage to critical services

Art of Engagement

The Art of Engagement session concentrates on the interaction between your profession and asset owners, that are potentially impacted by your proposed works.


The Topics covered are:

  • Relationships
  • Cycle of Interaction
  • The Proposals
  • Common Respect
  • General Agreements
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Documentation

The importance of been able to proof you had a relationship with the asset owners at your site, becomes one of the main focus in a legal case.


This session aims at given you the tools to properly document and engage with the asset owners.


The pinnacle of incident reports

Honesty -(the pinnacle of incident reports) session concentrates on the reporting of incidents that occur onsite. This reporting is undertaken by the staff that witnessed and / or supervised the site at which the incident occurred. 

The Topics covered are:

  • Accuracy and honesty of reporting
  • Currency of reports
  • Factual elements
  • Traps of reporting
  • Structure of reports
  • Audience of the reports
  • Legality of reporting
  • Documentation inclusions
  • Recommendations

This session will concentrates on the bad and misleading reports that have been written after a damage that has occurred on a live service. It will give recommendations on the basic inclusion of information in these reports.

transferring knowledge

This session is about how we share information and Knowledge gathered from the owners (of existing and known services) to help prevent damage strike.

The various aspects of knowledge gather will be discussed. The main points will include:

  • Site meetings outcomes
  • Plans and diagrams
  • Instructions and Restrictions
  • Potential danger
  • Significance of assets
  • Awareness of critical assets
  • Outcomes of interaction with asset owners
  • Site History of services

Untruly North

The chaotic positioning of services

This session is about how over the years the assets have been positioned  (or have ended up) in the location they are.


Have you ever wondered why are services where they are?


Do services have right of way?


This session goes through the history of services and the roll out assets across the years as a result of:

  • Population increase
  • Changes in land usage
  • Technological advances
  • Changing standards
  • Legal requirements
  • Competing footpath / road allocations
  • Installation practices
  • Competition / Deregulations
  • Social acceptance

Dancing with Danger

This session concentrates on the safety aspects of both buried and aboveground services. It reveals the hidden dangers of uncontrolled interaction with services.


The topics that will be covered are:

  • Services can strike back
  • Hidden Dangers
  • Safety Approach zones
  • Uncontrolled Interaction
  • Consequences
  • Community Impacts
  • Case studies


mother of All damages

This session is concentrated on telecommunication in Australia.


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